Today’s commute

The weather this week has not really been all that conducive for cycling – at least not for me as I don’t yet have any waterproofs. Due to this, I have been travelling to work on the tube, rather than cycling.

The weather this morning seemed ok and I was looking forward to getting back out there on my bike when I remembered that I had plans to attend a friend’s celebratory drinks in the evening. That meant another day without cycling.

The tube was hot and crowded and it reminded me why I love to cycle. There was however one brief moment that brightened up my day. We were preparing to leave Waterloo and the driver made the announcement “please mind the closing doors”. The doors in my carriage closed, but they mustn’t have in all carriages as a few seconds later the doors re-opened shortly followed by a comment from the driver “what don’t you understand about “mind the closing doors?!”” It was so unexpected that it made many a commuter snigger, myself included and the dreariness of travelling by tube seemed to drift away!

Amusing tube drivers – just one of the reasons I love London!!


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