Being competitive is bad!!

Since commuting on my bicycle to and from work every day, I’ve noticed that my competitive nature is coming to the fore.

I purchased a Garmin 200, largely so that I could follow routes and record my activities, but the feature that allows me to track my daily commute against a ‘virtual me’ showing the fastest time I have completed that route in, is driving me to push myself harder and harder.

I enjoy living on the edge, I love adrenaline sports and I’m very determined…this all leads to me wanting to beat my fastest time each and every time i do that route. Not only do I want to beat my own time, but I also want to beat fellow cyclists that are doing the same part of my route as me. I aim to be the fastest away from traffic lights and overtake those in front of me along the wonderful stretch that is Waterloo bridge – it’s not even like I’m in a hurry, I always allow extra time so that I won’t be late even if my journey takes longer than anticipated, but yet I still push myself, day in and day out. Is it just me, or does this competitive streak also come out in you?

All this results in me turning up as a hot mess when i arrive wherever I’m going – I’ve never taken so many showers as I do now!

Incidentally, all this sprint cycling has meant that my fitness levels are improving which is great news!


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