Little miss rule follower

No matter which role i am in; driver, pedestrian or cyclist I am driven crazy by cyclists that jump red lights, ride on pavements and perform 100 other no-no’s. I’m a rule follower (I get nervous when I’m walking down the street and see a police officer, even though I know I haven’t done anything wrong) so I will happily wait at a set of red lights even when I could safely run through them, but many others do not.

This morning I spent half my commute, so approximately 15 minutes, following another cyclist. As I cycle through central London on my way to work, there are many sets of traffic lights, so you get used to the stop start rhythm of the journey. My fellow cyclist went through every single set of traffic lights (probably about 6 in total) when they were red.

He was obviously doing it because he thought he would be able to reach his destination quicker, however I (who waited at all the lights for them to turn green) managed to catch up to him between every set of lights. It was bizarrely satisfying that i was following the rules and wasn’t losing out in any way and I took enormous pleasure when I overtook him, childish yes, but I don’t care!!

This is a plea to all cyclists out there – please follow the rules of the road – they’re there to keep everyone safe.


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