So I think this cycling malarkey might be contagious

Anyone who knows me, will know that since I have been cycling regularly, I’ve been talking about cycling a lot more too.

First there was talk about the type of bike I had purchased, then a conversation around my helmet, locks, gloves etc and now on a regular basis how my commute was (almost ran over a cat today since you asked) and if I’ve cycled anywhere fun recently.

Not only have I been spending a large amount of my disposable income on cycling related purchases, but it seems that I’ve also convinced others to do so too! First my flatmate traded in her old bike for a new one and now cycles daily to work – and now, my other flatmate has bought one online, so that he can join the fun too. I don’t feel able to take all the credit for this, but I do think I helped give them the kick up the backside they needed, the upside of which is that now I may have some company on my rides!