Cycling and chatting on the phone – not so sure that’s a good idea

So on this evening’s ride home, I found myself at some traffic lights And could hear a man talking. I assumed he was chatting with a fellow cyclist, however once we moved away from the lights, I realised he was chatting using the hands free kit of his mobile phone.

I found myself being very surprised that this was happening. As a London cyclist, I find myself checking over my shoulder for approaching danger every few seconds to ensure I’m safe to swerve around potholes or avoid sewer entries or grates for example. I concentrate the whole duration of my journey, looking ahead for danger, checking the road in front of me and being aware of what’s going on around me – and I just simply don’t think I could do all that and chat on the phone at the same time!

This man wasn’t cycling in a dangerous manner, so is it just me being over-cautious? What do you think? Is chatting on the phone at the same time as cycling down busy London roads ok?